Army Acquisition Executive visits Program Executive Office Soldier

The Honorable Dr. Bruce Jette

The Honorable Dr. Bruce Jette, Army Acquisition Executive, receives a Soldier Power briefing from Maj. Gary M. Keller of Project Manager Soldier Warrior.

FORT BELVOIR, Virginia (April 11, 2018) – The Honorable Dr. Bruce Jette, Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics and Technology) visited PEO Soldier April 11, 2018.

Dr. Jette serves as the Army Acquisition Executive, the Senior Procurement Executive, the Science Advisor to the Secretary of the Army, and the Army’s Senior Research and Development official.

Beyond a PEO Soldier portfolio overview for Jette, Brig. Gen. Anthony “Tony” Potts led a discussion of how the PEO provides support to the Army Cross-Functional Teams.

“Even though we (PEO Soldier) are one of the smallest portfolios, we are involved in every single CFT in the Army,” Brig. Gen. Potts said.

Maj. Christina Smith of Project Manager Soldier Weapons

Maj. Christina Smith of Project Manager Soldier Weapons briefs Dr. Jette on the Squad Designated Marksman Rifle.

Col. Ed Barker (PM Soldier Warrior), Col. Chris Schneider (PM Soldier Sensors and Lasers) and Col. Stephen Thomas (PM Soldier Protection and Individual Equipment) described their work on the Network and Lethality CFTs in particular. They explained that they are able to take on these responsibilities, beyond those in their PEO Soldier portfolio, thanks to their strong deputy support in the PEO.

During his visit, Dr. Jette received an overview briefing of PEO Soldier capabilities, including the Warrior Integration Site, Nett Warrior and Soldier Power. Dr. Jette was even fitted for the Tactical Communication and Protective System during his visit. TCAPS provides concurrent hearing protection and auditory situational awareness for Soldiers.

Capt. Effens Bowden, Soldier Enhancement Program, discussed how the SEP takes ideas directly from Soldiers and offers a streamlined acquisition timeline, getting gear into Soldiers’ hands more quickly. More than 40 percent of the PEO Soldier equipment portfolio began in SEP.

Dr. Jette speaks at the combined Leadership Professional Development

Dr. Jette speaks at the combined Leadership Professional Development to the PEO Soldier and PEO Enterprise Information System workforces.

Additionally, Dr. Jette received a briefing on the modular handgun system, Enhanced Night Vision Goggle III and Family of Weapon Sight-Individual, and ENVG-B. Col. Elliot Caggins, PM Soldier Weapons, updated Dr. Jette on the Next Generation Squad Weapon and the XM25 Counter Defilade Target Engagement. Col. Thomas provided an overview of the Improved Hot Weather Combat Uniform and Jungle Combat Boots.

Following the overview of the PEO Soldier portfolio, Dr. Jette led the quarterly PEO Soldier Leadership Professional Development meeting.

Dr. Jette has previously served in PEO Soldier and at the Rapid Equipping Force, so the visit was a homecoming of sorts. At the LPD, he offered insights from his new role as Army acquisition executive, explaining how “Product is critical.”

“Every Soldier out there is one of my kids,” Dr. Jette said. “I care greatly about our Soldiers, and I see my role an enabler to set an environment where you can get things done.”

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