Army’s Senior Logistics Sergeant Major Visits PEO Soldier

FORT BELVOIR, Virginia – CSM Rodger Mansker of U.S. Army Materiel Command (AMC) visited Program Executive Office Soldier (PEO Soldier) headquarters at Fort Belvoir Oct. 25 to see the future for Soldiers.

CSM Mansker learned how the organization is increasing Soldier capability and protection with the XM17 Modular Handgun System (MHS) and Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (ECWCS) in particular.

It’s helpful to get a firsthand sense of what PEO Soldier is doing to equip our Soldiers for the future, said CSM Mansker. He added that he will take what he learned to GEN Gustave F. Perna, AMC Commanding General, to inform him of the next steps and decisions moving forward.

As AMC command sergeant major, CSM Mansker is focused on Soldier readiness across the Army. His visit to PEO Soldier complemented AMC focus on modernization of the future force and delivering capabilities in support of readiness.

He received an XM17 update on fielding and long-term support. The XM17 is the replacement for the existing M9. In November, the XM17 handgun will drop the “X” (“experimental”) designation and instead be called the M17. At that time, the Army is expected to reach a conditional materiel release for the MHS, and will issue approximately 2,000 of the pistols to the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

Within the PM SW portfolio, Product Manager Individual Weapons (PM IW) supports Soldiers through the development, production, fielding and sustainment of current and future weapons systems like the XM17.

CSM Mansker also received an update on the Generation III (Gen III) ECWCS. It offers a multi-layered insulating system that allows Soldiers to adapt to varying mission requirements and environmental conditions. Dan Young and Scott Fernald, Project Manager Soldier Protection and Individual Equipment (PM SPIE) acquisition support analysts, provided an update with regards to the extreme cold weather gloves and boots capabilities.

Product Manager Soldier Clothing and Individual Equipment (PM SCIE) manages the ECWS. PM SCIE supports Soldiers in multiple operational environments, providing technologically advanced tactical and environmental protective clothing and gear. These products are designed to protect Soldiers and allow them to operate in any conditions.

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