PEO Soldier demonstrates acquisition impact during Chief of Staff of the Army visit

PEO Soldier Public Affairs Office

FORT BELVOIR, Virginia. (Nov. 27, 2017) – Chief of Staff of the Army GEN Mark A. Milley visited Program Executive Office Soldier (PEO Soldier) headquarters at Fort Belvoir where he saw firsthand how the organization supports Soldiers.

GEN Milley receives a Nett Warrior briefing from MAJ Andrew Miller, Assistant Product Manager.

GEN Milley was briefed on how PEO Soldier promotes the Army’s top modernization priorities—by leveraging four Project Management (PM) Offices to provide state-of-the-art equipment: PM Soldier Weapons (SW), PM Soldier Warrior (SWAR), PM Soldier Sensors and Lasers (SSL), and PM Soldier Protection and Individual Equipment (SPIE).

All PEO Soldier project managers are embedded with Cross-Functional Teams (CFTs), an interdisciplinary approach to jumpstart modernization programs. The CFTs are linked to a larger effort to improve Army Acquisition.

Program Executive Officer Soldier BG (P) Brian P. Cummings and his team described new programs and developments, including weapons, sensors and lasers, protective equipment and uniforms.

“Our mission is all about the Soldier,” BG Cummings said “And our PEO is very ‘green’—we have many veterans in our organization, and our colonels have deep operational experience.”

COL Elliott Caggins, PM SW, updated the CSA on the XM17 Modular Handgun System (MHS) and the Next Generation Squad Automatic Rifle (NGSAR). The XM17 MHS is the replacement for the existing M9, and the NGSAR is a complete wireless fire control system (weapon, magazine, ammo and fire control) that decreases load and integration issues. Both capabilities enhance Soldier lethality in close combat.

GEN Milley asks a question to CPT Alan P. Chartier about the helmet that is part of the Soldier Protection System.

COL Christopher Schneider, PM SSL, briefed Milley on the Family of Weapon Sights–Individual (FWS-I) and Enhanced Night Vision Goggle (ENVG) III. FWS-I is mounted on a Soldier’s weapon and links wirelessly with the helmet-mounted ENVG to transmit a video signal of the reticle into the ENVG display on the Soldier’s helmet. This enables the Soldier to see what the weapon sight “sees” and aim without having to raise the scope to eye level.

GEN Milley also learned about network efforts led by COL Ed Barker, PM SWAR, including Nett Warrior. The Nett Warrior program uses commercial smart devices to provide an integrated dismounted leader mission command system during combat operations. MAJ Andrew Miller, Assistant Product Manager, provided a detailed update on the program’s status, including successful field testing with units and incorporation of Soldier feedback. Nett Warrior decreases the potential of fratricide and improves situational awareness.

COL Stephen Thomas, PM SPIE, updated GEN Milley on products in his portfolio, including the Improved Hot Weather Uniform and Jungle Combat Boots. Soldiers in the field have tested the uniform items and their continued feedback informs future design proposals.

GEN Milley was also briefed on how PEO Soldier leaders are working across the enterprise to expedite the Acquisition process and provide new capabilities to Soldiers in support of emergent requests. The Rapid Equipping Force (REF) and PEO Soldier’s Soldier Enhancement Program (SEP) are two examples. COL Lanier Ward, REF, explained how his organization seeks innovative materiel solutions to meet emergent requirements, typically within 180 days. Similarly, SEP allows the Army to move at “the speed of industry” to evaluate and type classify existing prototypes or commercially available items to enhance Soldier capability. More than 40 percent of the PEO Soldier portfolio began in the SEP.

After an afternoon of learning about PEO Soldier capabilities and developments, GEN Milley was pleased with the approach the organization is taking to improve the combat effectiveness of the Soldier.

PEO Soldier manages more than 450 products and programs. The mission of the PEO is to develop, acquire, field and sustain affordable integrated equipment to improve Soldier dominance in Army operations today and in the future.

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