Equipment Piece of the Week: Nett Warrior (NW)

NWThe Nett Warrior (NW) is an integrated dismounted leader situational awareness (SA) system for use during combat operations. The system provides unparalleled SA to the dismounted leader. It allows for faster and more accurate decisions in the tactical fight. With advanced navigation, SA and information-sharing capabilities, leaders are able to avoid fratricide. They are more effective and more lethal in the execution of their combat missions.

The NW program focuses on the development of the SA system, which has the ability to graphically display the location of an individual leader’s location on a digital geo-referenced map image on a smart device. Additional Soldier and leader locations also can appear on the smart device digital display. NW connects through a secure radio to send and receive information from one NW to another, thus connecting the dismounted leader to the network. These radios will also connect the equipped leader to higher echelon data and information products to assist in decision making and situational understanding. Soldier position location information will appear on network via interoperability with the Army’s Joint Tactical Radio System capability. This allows the leader to easily see, understand and interact in the method that best suits the user and the particular mission.

NW will optimize and integrate capabilities while reducing the Soldier’s combat load and logistical footprint.

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