Equipment Piece of the Week: Survival Kit, Ready Access, Modular (SKRAM)

SKRAMThe Survival Kit, Ready Access, Modular (SKRAM) components, tie-downs and A-kits provide airworthy and readily accessible carriage for a 72-hour suite of life support equipment and water in a flame-resistant, modular and configurable backpack. The SKRAM components improve mission endurance by providing drinking water and supplemental survival gear for an escape-and-evade scenario. The SKRAM mounts on the aircraft to provide rapid access to mission-essential survival gear. During an emergency egress, the SKRAM quickly releases for use in a survival-and-evasion environment.

A-kit installation provides platform-specific mounting hardware for the SKRAM.

The SKRAM Go Bag contains both the Aviation Life Support Equipment (ALSE) mandatory minimum gear and 100 ounces of water. A second Go Bag provides carriage for additional mission-specific gear. Two M-4 magazine pouches carry additional ammunition.

The SKRAM, including tie-down straps are unit-issue, with the tie-down being configured specifically per platform. Tie-downs at approved anchorage sites on the aircraft are capable of securing the SKRAM configuration for up to a 40 G crash load.

SKRAM carriage capability requirements include:

  • Additional ammunition
  • Insertable on-the-go hydration system
  • Rapid Fielding Initiative Modular Sleep System
  • Mandatory minimum ALSE gear, including food and water
  • Additional environmental gear
  • In-line filter for on-the-go purification
  • Chlorine tablets for water sterilization

Learn more about the SKRAM.

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