Equipment Piece of the Week: Air Soldier System (AirSS)

AirSSBuilding on the legacy Air Warrior (AW) gear carriage and clothing system, the Air Soldier System (AirSS) focuses on improving Aircrew survivability and mission effectiveness. It reduces weight and torso bulk, and improving Aviator situational awareness.

Delivered in two sub-increments of increasing capability, AirSS reduces the bulk and weight borne by the aviation Soldier. It combines or eliminates layers of protection without compromising protection. It also combines functions of current stand-alone hardware components, batteries and displays with a new bodymounted electronics and power management system. They provide physiological support, communications and life-support equipment worn by the aviation Soldier. AirSS provides Pilots with a new day/night flight helmet-mounted display with enhanced symbology and head tracking. This prevents aircraft mishaps in Degraded Visual Environments such as darkness, fog, blowing sand, dust or snow. The AirSS reduces combat load and improves situational awareness and safety.

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