Equipment Piece of the Week: Electronic Data Manager (EDM)

The Electronic Data Manager (EDM) is a lightweight and portable touch-screen computer in the form of a kneeboard. It provides the Aviator with global positioning system (GPS) moving map capabilities, sunlight readability, and the ability to use Windows-based software. The EDM includes:

  • Moving map display (GPS aircraft position and waypoints)
  • Tactical graphics
  • Two-way Blue Force Tracking-Aviation situational awareness
  • Beyond line-of-sight text messaging
  • Displays of checklists, manuals and approach plates in PDF format
  • Capability to import mission planning data from Aviation Mission Planning Systems software
  • Weight and balance calculations
  • Aircraft performance planning calculations
  • Electronic notes


The EDM Spiral 3.5 improvements include:

  • Faster System Processor and increased memory
  • Sunlight Readable and NVG Compatible Display
  • 6.4” Sealed Trans-reflective Glass Touch Screen 480×640
  • External Power, Ethernet, and USB 2.0 interfacesenhanced speed and performance
  • Dynamic terrain and obstacle avoidance software

Learn more about the EDM.

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