Equipment Piece of the Week: Microclimate Cooling System (MCS)

MCSThe Microclimate Cooling System (MCS) reduces heat stress to Army helicopter crew members, especially while they are wearing chemical and biological protective equipment in hot weather. The MCS gives Army aviators an increase of more than 350 percent (from 1.6 hours to 5.7 hours) in heat-stress mission endurance times while they are wearing chemical protective equipment or other crew member clothing.

The MCS includes a quick-disconnect function to allow Aircrew members to safely and quickly exit an aircraft without a snagging hazard.

The MCS includes a Microclimate Cooling Garment, a vest worn as an undergarment, and a small Microclimate Cooling Unit, which is an autonomous vapor compressor system that chills water and pumps it through small tubes embedded in the vest. The vest is worn beneath chemical protective clothing or other crew member clothing.

Learn more about the MCS.

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