Equipment Piece of the Week: Air Warrior (AW)

Air Warrior (AW) is a modular, integrated, rapidly reconfigurable combat aircrew ensemble that saves lives and maximizes Army aircrew mission performance. Previous aviation life support equipment consisted of a non-integrated assemblage of protective and survival gear. AW uses a systems approach to equipping the aircrew and closes the capability gap between human and machine. Fielded incrementally in blocks to rapidly provide enhanced capabilities to the warfighter, AW leverages and integrates clothing and equipment, such as the Army Aircrew Combat Uniform and ballistic protection, from other product managers.

AWAW includes:
• Survival Equipment Subsystem, which integrates first aid, survival, signaling, and communications equipment with body armor and over-water survival subsystems
• Microclimate Cooling System, which increases effective mission duration in heat-stress environments by more than 350 percent
• Aircrew Integrated Helmet System, a lighter helmet with increased head and hearing protection
• Electronic Data Manager, a portable digital mission planning device for over-the-horizon messaging and enhanced situational awareness capabilities through connectivity to Blue Force
• Encrypted Aircraft Wireless Intercom System (EAWIS) for secure cordless, hands-free aircrew communications
• Survival Kit, Ready Access, Modular (SKRAM) Go Bag with integrated hydration
• Portable Helicopter Oxygen Delivery System, a Soldier-worn supplemental breathing oxygen system for high-altitude operations
• Communication Enhancement and Protection System (CEPS), provides helmet hear-through capability

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