Project Manager Soldier Sensors and Lasers Wins Army Acquisitions Excellence Transforming the Way We Do Business Award

Project Manager Soldier Sensors and Laser’s (PM SSL) logistics team won the Army Acquisitions Excellence (AAE) “Transforming the Way We Do Business Award” for Fiscal Year 2011(FY11) for implementing a new fielding process that raises efficiency while lowering costs.  Logistics Managing Director, Joe Pearson, received the award on behalf of the team at a formal event held on October 9th, 2011. 


Pearson and Logistics Managing Deputy Director, Oscar Viera, lead an 82-member team comprised of government and contractor personnel.  The team used two Lean Six Sigma studies to develop a consolidated fielding process that saved over two million dollars in FY10. This should save the U.S. Army more than 17.1 million dollars in fielding costs over six years and provide better inventory visibility and accountability.  This also takes advantage of government mandated identification numbers to organize fieldings and inventory control.


The new system improves inventory accountability.  PM SSL Logistics Management Directorate (LMD) radically decreased the time required for property transfer.  One hundred percent of the property transferred has Total Asset Visibility (TAV) through use of the new process.  The transfer turn-around time reduction is ninety five percent (from days to hours).  Further, errors or mistakes are now corrected on-site.  This reduces the number of open transfers from an average of 21 per month to less than one per month and decreases the time required for transferring items to the Army Property Book Unit Supply-Enhanced (PBUS-E) web-based system to less than one day.  This achievement earned PM SSL an Army award for the highest transfer success rate of any PM in the Army—99 percent!


Initial analysis shows that each command was visited an average of seven times to complete all fielding during a ninety day period; a frequency that taxed the resources of both the receiving unit and PM SSL.  By coordinating fielding actions and shipments, unit touch reductions were an average of seven to approximately one, resulting in a forty percent reduction of fielding operational costs.


The overhaul of the fielding process took place during a challenging year.  The PM SSL LMD team fielded over 200,000 pieces of equipment in 450 fielding events during FY10. Some of these fieldings took place on short notice and in difficult conditions.  The LMD team fielded the Mark VIIE Laser Target Locator in Afghanistan just three weeks after receiving an Operational Needs Statement.  The team also assisted in the ongoing deployment of the new Individual Gunshot Detector in Afghanistan.  Both of these in-theater fielding events benefitted from LMD’s new fielding processes.

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