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On February 19, the Department of Defense formally announced the selection of MultiCam for Soldiers deployed to Afghanistan. PEO Soldier is moving rapidly to make this fielding happen, and we are able to answer more of your questions. Here is an expanded FAQ.

Q. When will the Army start fielding Fire Resistant Army Combat Uniforms in MultiCam?
A. The Army, through Program Executive Office (PEO) Soldier, will begin fielding MultiCam FR ACUs to deploying Soldiers as early as August 2010.

Q. Who will be getting the MultiCam uniforms?
A. At this time, only Soldiers assigned to units deploying in support of Operation Enduring Freedom will receive the uniforms. The next fielding phase, which is expected to begin no earlier than October 2010, will include Soldiers assigned to units that are already in Afghanistan. The overall order of fielding will be based on priorities established by the Army G-3 and availability of units. Exact fielding dates have not been determined. Priority for units already serving in Afghanistan will be established with guidance from Army Headquarters, U.S. Army Central Command and U.S. Forces – Afghanistan.

Q. How many of the uniform will each Soldier get?
A. The Basis of Issue for the Army Combat uniform is the same as for the Rapid Fielding Initiative (RFI), four per Soldier. Each Soldier will also be issued four Army Combat Shirts with sleeves in the MultiCam pattern and torso in the Tan 499 color.

Q. What gear will Soldiers receive in the MultiCam pattern?
A. Soldiers will receive the same Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment (OCIE) and body armor in MultiCam that they would normally receive in the Universal Camouflage Pattern.

Q. Will the uniforms and gear cost Soldiers anything out of pocket?
A. No. Soldiers will not be charged for the equipment that is issued to them through PEO Soldier. They will be issued the equipment on their hand receipt.

Q. Will the MultiCam FR ACUs be permitted for garrison use in Afghanistan, as well as outside the wire?
A. Yes. Soldiers deploying to OEF who are issued the four sets of MultiCam uniform will wear that uniform as his/her duty uniform while performing missions in the compounds and outside the wire. This will be the only uniform those Soldiers will receive.

Q. Will Soldiers be permitted to wear MultiCam anywhere outside Afghanistan, such as in Iraq or at their home installation?
A. The current plan for the MultiCam uniform is for its use only in OEF. The uniform for Iraq will still be the FR ACU in the Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP). Once a Soldier deploys back to home station, he or she will wear the Army Combat Uniform. Army Headquarters G1 will publish wear policy for MultiCam uniforms.

Q. Will Soldiers be permitted to keep their MultiCam uniforms when they redeploy to the States?
A. Soldiers will be permitted to keep the MultiCam FR ACUs, caps, hats, and accessories on their clothing record. They will be required to turn in their MultiCam MOLLE, Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (ECWCS) Generation III items, body armor, and helmet covers.

Q. What uniforms will be provided in MultiCam?
A. The following uniforms will be provided in MultiCam:
1) FR ACUs with permethrin treatment, all Army Uniform Board approved changes, and appropriate patches (4 FR ACUs per Soldier, except combat vehicle or air crew members)
2) Army Combat Shirt (4 per Soldier)
3) Improved Combat Vehicle Crewman Coverall (4 per combat vehicle crewman)
4) Army Aircrew Combat Uniform (4 per aircrew member)
5) Extended Cold Weather Clothing System Generation III, selected layers (1 per Soldier, except crewmen who draw the Fire Resistant Environmental Ensemble)
6) Fire Resistant Environmental Ensemble, selected layers (1 per combat vehicle crewman and aircrew member)

Q. How about body armor and other personnel protective equipment (PPE)?
A. The following PPE will be provided in MultiCam:
1) The Improved Outer Tactical Vest (IOTV) and Soldier Plate Carrier System, or conversion kit (1 per Soldier)
2) Advanced Combat Helmet cover (1 per Soldier)
3) NAPE Pad (1 per Soldier)
4) Knee and Elbow pads (1 set per Soldier)

Q. What additional items will be provided in MultiCam?
A. Besides uniforms and personnel protective equipment, the MultiCam pattern will apply to:
1) MOLLE, all kits and components (1 per Soldier; kits per duty position)
2) Patrol Caps and Sun Hats (1 of each per Soldier)
3) Accessory kit: (3 name tapes, 2 rank tapes, 2 pin-on rank, 2 U.S. Army tapes, and 2 shoulder sleeve insignia, all per Soldier)
4) Improved First Aid Kit (1 per Soldier)

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