Equipment Piece of the Week: Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment (MOLLE)

MOLLEThe Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment (MOLLE) system consists of several modular components. It allows the Soldier to carry tactical combat gear in the most effective manner for lethality and survivability on the battlefield. The modularity of the system allows the Soldier’s load to be set. It consists of a fighting load carrier that attaches to releasable body armor known as the Tactical Assault Panel (TAP). The TAP has permanent pockets for six magazines, an MBITR radio, or a DAGR handheld GPS. The webbing on the front of the TAP allows for attachment of any MOLLE pouch that a Soldier’s kit may need. The Rifleman Set also includes the 2,000-cubic-inch Assault Pack for short missions and various MOLLE pouches. Other specialty sets include the Grenadier, Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW), Pistolman and Medic sets. The MOLLE Medium Ruck set consists of a 3,000-cubic-inch rucksack designed with a suspension that is compatible with the rear ballistic plate of body armor. The Medium Ruck can transport a Soldier’s mission-essential gear for up to a 72-hour mission. A Large Ruck set consists of the 4000-cubic-inch MOLLE Large Rucksack which carries the Soldier’s sustainment load over long-duration missions.

MOLLE replaces the All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment and Integrated Individual Fighting System.

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