Equipment Piece of the Week: Mark VIIE

Mark VIIEThe Laser Target Locators (LTL) are handheld or tripod-mounted, lightweight laser target locators. They deliver target data to the fire support, and maneuver command, control, communications and intelligence system (C4I).

The Mark VII integrates a monocular direct view optic, an image intensifier, a laser rangefinder and a digital compass into a day/night target location device. The Mark VII connects to the PLGR or the DAGR to provide grid coordinates to distant targets. The MARK VII provides a limited night capability.

The Mark VIIE is an improved MK VII, which adds to all the Mark VII’s capabilities a more powerful 8x day optic. It has an uncooled thermal sight for increased night performance and an embedded GPS receiver for greater accuracy.

Learn more about the Mark VIIE.

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