Equipment Piece of the Week: Non-Maneuverable Canopy (T-11) Personnel Parachute System

T-11The Non-Maneuverable Canopy (T-11) Personnel Parachute System is the next-generation personnel parachute system. The T-11 provides the airborne Soldier with the first wholesale modernization of the tactical parachute system since the 1950s. The T-11 includes a completely redesigned main and reserve parachute and an integrated harness assembly that is suitable for the 5th percentile to the 95th percentile Soldier.

The main canopy is a modified version of a cross/cruciform platform. The canopy has an increased inflated diameter of 14 percent and a 28 percent increase in surface area, when compared with the T-10D assembly. The T-11 main canopy uses a unique deployment sequence to reduce the opening shock and canopy oscillation. The T-11 has an average rate of descent of 19 feet per second for the 95th percentile Soldier, compared with 24 feet per second with the T-10D. This results in significantly lower landing injury rates for jumpers.

The reserve canopy is a proven derivative of the British Low Level Parachute (LLP) aero-conical design. It includes apex scoop pockets at the top of the reserve canopy and skirt assist lines at the system’s hem to promote fast opening of the reserve system during low-speed malfunctions. Unlike the current reserve parachute system, the T-11R reserve uses an omni-directional, center-pull deployment system. The T-11 harness displaces opening shock forces of the reserve parachute equally along the long axis of the jumper’s body.

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