Equipment Piece of the Week: Generation II Helmet Sensor (GEN II HS)

GEN II HSThe Generation II Helmet Sensor (HS) and Data Retrieval System (DRS) serves Soldiers as a state-of-the-art data collection system in both operational and training environments.

The HS-DRS measures, records and stores a Soldier’s physical property measurements and characteristics. It records a Soldier’s motion effects and responses associated with explosions, blasts and a wide range of shock and impact behavior.

Medical Research and Materiel Command (MRMC) officials will analyze the HS data. Their analysis will support the development of an injury risk criterion and link sensor data with potential injury driven events.

There are two variants of the GEN II HS. Both variants are small, light weight, low power assemblies mounted and attached inside the Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) at the crown. One HS weighs approximately 2.14 ounces and the other weighs about 1.78 ounces. The helmet fits and feels the same to the Soldier, with or without the HS installed.

Each variant of the GEN II HS has its respective DRS associated with it. One DRS utilizes a hand-held scanner and/or Computer Processing Unit (CPU) set-up with a wireless dongle. The installed hand-held scanner and CPU have a custom software utility database application tool to allow for data collection. USB cables connect a hand-held reader to the HS and CPU, depending on the data collection technique being used. The other variant’s DRS utilizes an Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Identification wireless communication and router connected to a CPU controller. This queries HS in the immediate area to determine their event status. It produces a summary report indicating which HSs have data to download. Data downloading is accomplished via a HS connection to a USB port to a standalone computer with installed HS software.

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