Leveraging Army Arsenals for Soldier Efficiencies

During June 2012, PEO Soldier transitioned the Project Manager Soldier Sensors and Lasers (PM SSL) new equipment staging facility operations from a Government Owned/Contractor Operated facility to a Government Owned/Government Operated facility at Rock Island Arsenal (RIA), Ill. With its organic infrastructure and labor force, this PEO Soldier/RIA partnership is important in getting our equipment to Soldiers around the world faster. In this video, PM SSL shares the success of the RIA staging facility–getting the right equipment to the right Soldiers at the right time to the right place while maintaining supply accountability throughout the chain of custody. The video walks the viewer through the staging facility, product receipt, product storage, order management and facilities shipping process to the point of issue. RIA leaders tell the story of history, accomplishments, partnership and, ultimately, their direct effect on Soldiers.

Additionally, this is a model of compliance with Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology (ASA(ALT)) guidelines. It shows how RIA and PEO Soldier save the government money by using this government-owned and government-operated infrastructure while leveraging the currently trained and available government work force. As a Soldier-focused acquisition enterprise, PEO Soldier emphasizes cost avoidance while saving taxpayers’ money and providing better responsiveness and coordination among government agencies and with increased security throughout the entire chain of custody.

Watch the video to learn how PEO Soldier maintains world-class staging of equipment for fielding in support of our Army’s combat operations around the globe while protecting taxpayer dollars.

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