Equipment Piece of the Week: Soldier Power

Product Director Soldier Power manages expeditionary power solutions intended for the most austere operating environments. These lightweight solutions include power scavenging, power distribution, power management, conformal batteries, renewable energy, and expeditionary chargers that are Soldier portable and/or wearable.Soldier Power is a key enabler for dismounted combat operations. Providing energy alternatives to the most disadvantaged warfighter will allow a small unit to sustain itself throughout extended missions while reducing battery load and reliance on logistics convoys.

Squad Power Manager is a lightweight, portable power management system that can provide device power or battery charging for up to four devices, including MBITR radios, DAGRs, Toughbooks, and USB-powered equipment. It can use power from solar sources, AC, military/disposable batteries, and NATO/cigarette adapters.

Modular Universal Battery Charger (MUBC) will replace the multiple specialized chargers required to support a variety of Lithium Ion batteries. The objective is to have a modular charger that provides either an 8 bay charger or 16 bay charger, depending on user needs, powered by multiple external power sources.

Soldier Worn Integrated Power Equipment System (SWIPES) is a modular power distribution system that is designed for use with the conformal battery. For commonly used handheld communications, SWIPES utilizes MOLLE pouch mounted chargers to maintain a high level of charge (80%) within an OEM battery. SWIPES also provides direct power to various devices, including GPS units, radios, and Shot Detection Systems. This approach reduces the need for carrying spare batteries for each peripheral on multi-day missions.

Conformal Battery is a rugged battery pack that provides 150 watt-hours at 5 amps while weighing less than 2.5 lbs. Its thin, flexible design allows for safe operation and conformation to a Soldier’s front, back, or side ballistic plates.

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