Equipment Piece of the Week: M240L 7.62mm Medium Machine Gun (Light)

M240LThe M240L reduces Soldier combat load by decreasing the weight of the M240B without compromising performance. This 7.62mm medium machine gun incorporates titanium construction and alternative manufacturing methods for fabricating major M240B components to achieve significant weight savings. These improvements reduce the Soldier’s combat load while allowing easier handling and movement of the weapon. The M240L short barrel variant is 21.8 pounds, 5.4 pounds lighter than the M240B. The M240L is the program-of-record solution to reducing the weight of the M240B. The M240L meets all of the reliability and operational characteristics of the M240B and has an effective range of 1,800 meters. It is rugged and reliable and has a minimum 50,000-round receiver life.

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